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If you know about industrial chillers, then you surely know about heat exchangers and their components. One such component is heat exchanger tubes. It is one of the most crucial elements that help the device work smoothly. If not cleaned properly, it can affect the effectiveness and temperature as well. To know how to clean these tubes, continue reading this post for detailed information.

What causes heat exchanger fouling?

Before we talk about the ways to clean the tubes, you should know the reasons that cause scaling and fouling. According to Tsur Ben David, a popular name in the cooling industry, heat exchanger fouling happens due to scaling and fouling that settle in its tubes and help it grow like slimy substances. When such things happen, it started reducing the effectiveness of the heat exchanger as well as water flow. If ignored for a longer period, the heat exchanger tubes get clogged.

If we talk about scaling, then it started as a soft residue that instantly solidifies into the hard one. To clean and remove scaled residues, you will need professionals as it needs an intense cleaning process. When heat exchanger tubes are cleaned properly or before the build-up of scaling, you will not require a lot of effort to clean it.

Just imagine heat exchanger tubes as your teeth. If you do not clean or brush your teeth daily, they will start building scale. And when you go to the dentist, it will become harder for them to clean or remove the scaling. To put it simply, cleaning heat exchanger tubes regularly is extremely important to avoid fouling and scaling.

The manual process to clean the heat exchanger

We will also shed some light on the automatic process, but you should also know about the manual one. When you opt for this option, you will need to turn off and disassemble the heat exchanger. Afterward, you will need certain types of solutions to liquefy and clean the soft residues. If there are hard residues, then you will need high-pressure brushes along with the specific solution to remove them – Tsur Ben David.

Even though it is an effective way to clean the slimy substance, there is only one downside. The performance can be deteriorated due to service interruptions. Apart from this, stopping the operations just to clean your heat exchangers is something that you do not want as a plant manager or owner.

Clean heat exchanger automatically

You can insert some sort of brushes in the tubes of the heat exchanger to prevent scaling and fouling. However studies shows that these brushes sometimes leaves behind residuals or brush pieces and are not very effective for tube cleaning In contrast, cleaning of Tubes through Automatic Ball Cleaning is a proven way to prevent any scale formation.

Summing it up!

There are so many good firms offering automatic heat exchanger tube cleaning systems. One such leading name is CET Enviro by Tsur Ben David CEOThey have solutions and systems that will not only clean and remove the dirt but improve the  efficiency of water-cooled chillers by saving electricity costs as much by 30%. The best thing about choosing this provider is that they only offer chemical-free and eco-friendly sustainable technologies.


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