How to eat mindfully when doing everything from home


Mindful eating when doing everything from home can be challenging. Of course working from home has its advantages, but we need to be careful that it does not affect our eating habits and routines in a negative way. If you are still working from home and you are having trouble sticking to a healthy, mindful routine, read on because these tips are for you.


Mindfulness means focusing on the present moment. But first, what does it mean to eat mindfully? Eating mindfully is not a diet because it uses a form of meditation called mindfulness, which helps you acknowledge and manage your emotions and physical sensations.Using this approach will help you reach a state of full awareness to your cravings, and physical cues when eating.

Mindful eating is all about paying attention to the way we eat. Research has shown eating mindfully improves digestion system.

Eat Slowly- This can help you reduce calorie intake and lose weight.

Eat without distractions- away from the tv, computer is important in achieving a healthy eating routine when doing everything from home. If you are eating on the run, or in front of the TV, you are ruining your health.

Get up in the morning and do exercise daily.

  • Eat in silence.
  • Focus on how the food makes you feel.
  • Stop eating when you’re full
  • Eat more slowly and don’t rush your meels
  • Chewing Thoroughly
  • Turning off the TV and putting down your phone
  • Stop eating when you are full.
  • Eat in silent
  • Slow Down
  • Spend time in Nature
  • Taking  just 5 minutes to sit quietly and follow your breath can help you feel more conscious
  • Wake up in the morning and do exercise and eat healthy
  • Eating Slowly

Eat lots of fruit and veg

Eat lots of fruit and vegetables in your food. Eat healthy food only. Fruit and vegetables are a good source of vitamins and minerals, including fol ate, vitamin C and potassium. Reduce the risk of heart disease.

Do exercise daily




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